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The YWCA YWTeen Program begins on Elementary and Middle school campuses with one-hour classes every week during the school year. YWTeen Group Leaders guide 5th and 6th grade girls, ages 10-12, through exercises that build self-confidence, encourage healthful lifestyles, teach strong decision-making, and promote leadership.

The young girls are often faced with drugs, gangs, premature sexual activity, school dropouts and peer pressure. The YWTeen Program gives them tools, teaching them:

  • To make friends and be a good friend;
  • To resolve differences without bullying and to cope with bullying behaviors from others;
  • To make short-term goals such as doing their homework;
  • To make long-term goals such as staying in school and graduating;
  • To respect others who are different from themselves.

The program is powerful and successful. Recent surveys report:

  • 98% of participants recognized the need to stay in school and graduate;
  • 95% of girls learned to accept others and reject bullying;
  • 93% of girls have learned to take responsibility for their actions;
  • 93% of participants have learned to make stronger friendships.

To find out more about the YWTeen Program, or to bring the program to a school, contact the YWTeen Program Director:  (361) 857-5661, ext. 106 or

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