Racial Justice Forum

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2019 Racial Justice Forum Panelists & Participants

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day YWCA Corpus Christi hosts the annual Racial Justice Forum.

This event is an open forum to discuss the community’s efforts to eliminate racism. We seek to raise awareness. We invite everyone to attend not only to learn about approaches, but to determine what we as individuals can also do to advance the cause of acceptance and racial diversity. As partners in education we can witness the growth of our community and make a difference for future generations.


  • It is really easy to talk about “Race Relations,” but harder to get along better with people who are different from us.
  • We have talked AT and ABOUT each other for a long time; it’s time we ALL began talking WITH and TO each in order to improve Race Relations in our community.
  • Each of us can STILL make a difference if we choose to make a difference.
  • Forum offers great diversity training opportunity for professionals and businesses.
  • Creates appreciation of cultural & demographic diversity in the community.
  • Stimulates local conversations regarding racial justice successes & goals.
  • Carries out YWCA mission of “Eliminating Racism.”
  • Dismissed to annual MLK walk – Noon at the Nueces County Courthouse.

Join YWCA Corpus Christi in working to Eliminate Racism.

Pledge to Eliminate Racism

Print, Sign, Display, Distribute!

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Contact (361) 857-5661, ext. 104 ywcacc@ywcacc.org

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