YWCA Fitness Connection During COVID-19

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 August 2, 2021

As COVID numbers rise locally and nationally, your YWCA will continue to focus on safety first. The dramatic rise in cases is frightening. Keeping all safe is priority. Please join us in these efforts so we can continue fitness programming.


Effective Monday, August 2, 2021, YWCA will strengthen COVID safety protocols:


  • Temperature taking will resume at front desk upon your entrance;
  • Do not come to the YWCA if you feel ill;
  • Masks are required in the facility, except in the pool;
  • Social distancing of 6’ is required throughout the facility—even in the pool;
  • If you are beside anyone in the YWCA (including the pool), both stretch out your arms. 6’ social distance is when your fingertips do NOT touch;
  • Large Xs will be placed on floor throughout facility. That’s where each person can stand.
  • Wash hands often and completely;
  • Use hand sanitizer;
  • Sanitize cardio/weight machines before and after each use;
  • Some machines will be roped off for safety and social distancing;
  • Free weights will not be available for use;
  • Showers and water fountains will not be functional;
  • Class size will be limited if necessary.
Thank you for helping the YWCA do our part for safety. We encourage vaccinations unless your health care provider says otherwise.


We are open. Click the link below for new schedule.

We’ve missed you!  But if you or your health care provider/experts don’t think you should be out, please listen.  We’ll be happy to see you—when it’s safe for you!

Please note: We strongly suggest that you wear a water shirt and a hat in the pool.  Health Department recommends that natatorium doors and windows remain open to decrease COVID 19 exposure.  Water shirts and hats prevent heat loss from our bodies.

Thanks to the Coastal Bend Community Foundation Doan Fund for funding renovation of the pool mechanical room.  Their generosity is greatly appreciated.

Click here for facility hours

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Please continue to keep yourself safe, active, connected and alert.