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Exciting news! The YWCA is re-opening on a limited basis on May 18, 2020.

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It has been quite a journey and it’s only just begun, as they say. With safety first, we are following the recommendations of the CDC, as well as State and local authorities, as we begin the first phase of re-opening YWCA. Remember that the Governor recommends that all people 65 and over, and any individuals with pre-existing conditions or compromised immune systems, continue to stay home. That is your decision. We each have to assess our own risk level and risk preference. All staff/participants will be required to have their temperatures taken and respond to a State-provided Self-Check screen before entry every day. Please sign and bring the attached new waiver to update our records.

YWCA plan is to minimize risk and maximize safety. We will . . .

  • Require gloves and masks in the YWCA. Masks required everywhere, even in pool.
  • Operate at or below 25% capacity;
  • Open only Monday-Friday;
  • Open for lap swim (6 swimmers per session);
  • Hold 3 water classes a day—class size limited;
  • Hold 3 small land classes a day in the gym—class size limited.
  • Participation will be on a first-come, first serve basis.
  • Follow the attached class schedule; also posted on YWCA Facebook, Website & YWCA phone recording.
  • Close the therapy pool, cardio & weight rooms, locker rooms, adaptive exercise rooms and patio for safety reasons.
  • Permit NO rec swim, noodling around, chair volleyball, basketball (teams nor pickup games), Pickleball.
  • Turn water fountains off, so bring your own water.
  • Permit use of restrooms behind the elevator down from Artesano. They are not for changing.
  • Require you to come in your workout/swim clothes and leave in your workout/swim clothes.
  • No props will be allowed for classes, except belts for deep water classes, which will be sanitized after each class.
  • Allow lap swimmers to wear goggles and fins.
  • Require all people in natatorium and pool to wear water shoes.
  • Require aquatic participants to go directly from the sign-in desk into the natatorium and leave directly out the natatorium front doors and exit the facility.
  • Require land participants to go directly to the gym and exit the gym doors into the back parking area.
  • Allow NO gathering areas for participants &/or staff. This is in compliance with social distancing mandated by state of Texas.
  • Enforce guidelines in gym and pool for social distance and strict sanitization.

We will be vigilant about sanitizing and reminding everyone about 6-foot social distancing, small group classes, masks, gloves and frequent hand-washing.

This is YWCA’s first step in re-opening. We have done much research and believe this is safe. We’ll continue to operate within government and medical guidelines for safety of staff and participants. As safety allows, we will make other decisions.

We’re working hard to be ready for you to come back. These are different and challenging times we’re all going through. YWCA will be different than we have known it. Your patience, understanding and responsibility are important.

Can’t wait for you to get back—safely–as we all learn how our lives and activities will evolve…

Thank you so much for your willingness to go forward together. You are the “WHY;” staff & instructors are the “WHAT;” May 18 is the “WHEN;” Safely is the “HOW”!

For further details check YWCA Facebook and/or email us at ywcacc@ywcacc.org!

Stay healthy, active and connected,

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