Making A Difference

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image-ywteens having a snack
A 5th grade YWTeen was shy throughout the year, but toward the end said “I’m coming out of my shell now and I’m proud of who I am.”
image-ywteens listen to Kristin Diaz
A teacher in a Title I middle school said the girls who’ve been in the YWTeens “take so much less mediation. They’ve learned how to get along no matter which section of town they come from. Four sections of town come into this school and they are all tough sections that don’t really get along. If the YWTeens do have problems with each other, I just ask them what YWTeens says about that and they solve their own conflict. I can tell the difference in the girls who got to be YWTeens and the ones who haven’t.”
image-fitness connections weight training
An older female Fitness Connection participant stopped to thank the YWCA staff because “I can stand up without help after working out here for a while. And the YWCA is affordable, too.” A middle aged woman with Down syndrome said “I’ve lost 35 pounds from doing cardio and weight room training at the YWCA. Thank you, guys.” A Fitness Connection participant said she has worked out at the YWCA 4-5 times per week and has gotten her weight and her leg muscles ready for knee replacements. A very active 80+ year old woman says she’s lost 80 pounds since coming to the YWCA to work out. She now volunteers and is an example to other seniors. A YWCA Fitness Connection member said her physician took her off medicine for osteoporosis because her bone density has improved over 2 years of yoga and tai chi.
A YWTeen who was disruptive in weekly groups, said she wouldn’t come to YWTeen Leadership Camp because it was dumb. She surprised staff when she showed up for Leadership Camp, was cooperative and at graduation, her mom and grandma thanked us for “turning her around. She’s smiled all week and for her that’s just amazing.”
image - ywteen group
A 6th grade YWTeen reports that because of YWTeens, “I am more thoughtful, eat healthier, I’m a better friend.”