YWCA Corpus Christi

2017 YWCA Mission Membership Ballot

MISSION MEMBER: Must be a current Mission Member to vote - Renew Membership Now!
2015-2018 Term Lori Balerio Garza (filling vacancy)   
2016-2019 Term Melinda Maldonado (filling vacancy)
 Della Meadows (filling vacancy)
 Christina Murphey (filling vacancy
2017-2020 Term Margie Ortiz (Second Term)
 Kristin Diaz (Second Term)
 Tracie Rodriguez (Second Term)
 Linda Benavides (First Term)
 Amy Aldridge Sanford (First Term)
 Virginia Whitham (First Term)
2017-2018 NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Select Seven (7)
From Board of Directors  Anju Ahuja
 Linda Benavides
 Kristin Diaz
 Kimberly Harrington
From General Community Elvia Aguilar
 Michelle Hinojosa
 Emily Martinez
A. Proposed change to board attendance requirements
8.5 Removal

Any Director may be removed by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors with or without causeIn
addition, the Board of Directors may will assume and accept as a resignation the absence of a Board member without a dire circumstance after  remove a Director who is absence  without
excuse  from  three (3) consecutive Directors meetings by majority vote of the Directors present at a Directors meeting when a quorum exists.  Dire circumstance may be addressed by said Board member’s application to the Board for a Leave of Absence
. When a Director is removed, her successor shall be elected or appointed according to Section 8.3 and Section 8.4 above to complete the term of her predecessor.

B. Proposed change to “may” appoint a Nominating Committee to “will” appoint them.
10.3 Election.

The President of the Board may will appoint a Nominating Committee to present a slate of Officers for election by the Board.  The Officers shall be elected by the Board of Directors after the annual meeting. They shall serve for one (1) year or until their successors are elected, provided that they are still Directors.  They may be reelected for a maximum of one (1) additional term.

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